Airline Assessment Simulator Course

Our simulator courses are designed to arm you with the skills and confidence to pass the all important simulator assessment, used by many airlines in their recruitment process. The emphasis is on training and development, so that you leave us feeling well prepared for your forthcoming airline sim ride.

To provide our clients with a choice, we offer two options to assist you in your preparation according to your budget.

Option 1: full motion simulator assessment preparation in association with Aviation Insider from £525 per hour - where your training will be conducted by an experienced Boeing or Airbus Training Pilot at LGW, Burgess Hill and other European locations.

Option 2: fixed based simulator assessment preparation in association with pmFlight from £279 per hour - simulator assessment preparation in a fixed base B737-800 or A320 simulator, with an experienced Boeing or Airbus Training Pilot who specialises in simulator training.

The Instructors

At AirlinePrep we ensure our simulator providers use current or former airline Training Captains, so you have access to the best possible training. The trainers have many years experience training on a variety of modern Boeing and Airbus aircraft. They know what they are looking for, and will provide a relaxed and professional  training environment.

They have an in-depth knowledge of airline simulator profiles so rest assured, your training will be both structured and relevant.

The Simulators

Our simulator providers only use full motion or high quality fixed base simulators, since these will replicate your forthcoming assessment more accurately, making you confident and fully prepared.

They have access to a wide range of simulators including the B737, B757, B767, B777 and A320 near London Gatwick at extremely competitive prices. Please contact us to discuss your exact requirements.

Course Information

Whether you book one, two, three or even four hours in the simulator, each course will include a thorough brief at the beginning of the session and a debrief at the end. The friendly instructors, and training partners at pmFlight and Aviation Insider, will ensure that you have all the necessary information to ensure that your time in the simulator is maximised to its full potential. We understand that a simulator preparation course is a large financial investment on your part, so we encourage you to ask as many questions of the instructors as you can and they will work hard for you to ensure you leave with all the relevant skills and knowledge required to give you the best possible chance of success. Simulator preparation courses include:

  • 45 minute brief beforehand
  • Jet general handling including take-offs, climbs, turns, descents, VOR tracking and holding, non precision approaches and ILS’s
  • CRM tips and advice
  • Non-normal event handling and skills to tackle emergencies
  • 30 minute debrief afterwards
Tailored for you

Our simulator providers recognise that all clients needs are different, and as such they can vary the content of your course to give you exactly what you and your specific airline simulator assessment requires. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements with us.

Whilst all simulator assessments follow a general theme assessing your aircraft handling, CRM and operational knowledge, our simulator providers have up to date and relevant knowledge to help you be successful at the following airline specific simulator assessments:

  • British Airways simulator assessment
  • Emirates simulator assessment
  • Etihad simulator assessment
  • Qatar Airways simulator assessment
  • Ryanair simulator assessment
  • easyJet simulator assessment
  • TUI simulator assessment
  • Jet 2 simulator assessment
  • Wizz Air simulator assessment
  • FlyDubai simulator assessment
  • Dragon Air simulator assessment
  • and more..........

The airline assessment simulator course is designed to prepare you for your forthcoming airline simulator assessment. Our instructors have the knowledge and experience so that you will leave us feeling confident and prepared. Our courses can be tailored to both your specific airline and personal requirements. We have in-depth knowledge of the skills and attributes airlines require, as well as the profiles you may be expected to fly.

Because our simulator partners use only experienced current or former Airline Training Pilots, they are in a perfect position to not only train you, but to answer specific questions on the type of aircraft you are to be assessed in. This will no doubt place you ahead of the competition as they can give you many hints, tips and aircraft specific knowledge.

All of the simulator sessions take place near London Gatwick.

Full motion simulator courses start from £525 per hour. Please contact Aviation Insider for availability and mention AirlinePrep with your enquiry.

Fixed base simulator courses start from £279 per hour. Please contact pmFlight for availabilty and mention AirlinePrep with your enquiry.

All prices are inclusive of simulator hire and the instruction of a fully qualified Training Pilot. Also included is a full briefing beforehand, and afterwards. AirlinePrep recommends a minimum time of 2 hours for your simulator booking for maximum benefit. 

Satisfied Clients. Successful Pilots.