Employability Course

At AirlinePrep we offer a unique course designed to guide you to becoming a commerical airline pilot.

We are able to deliver impartial and honest training and skills advice from our team of airline pilot assessment and recruitment experts. This course is perfect if you are considering a career in aviation as an airline pilot and includes:

  • Guidance on the training options available to aspiring pilots
  • An assessment of your current skill set and advice on how to improve them
  • An insight into the role of an airline pilot
  • An informal interview
  • Exposure to a group exercise
  • Numerical, verbal & scientific reasoning tests 

We will then be in a position where we can accurately and honestly deliver feedback about whether you have the correct ability level in order to commence your flying training, or whether you have the ability to pass an airline academy assessment.

Crucially, if you require development, we will offer you training, help and advice so that you have the knowledge and direction to work on your pilot specific skill set. You will leave our course with the confidence that you are well placed for success, or with the correct building blocks in place for you to move forward and achieve your airline pilot career goals!

AirlinePrep, created by pilots for aspiring pilots!

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AirlinePrep are uniquely placed to deliver this course! We are all current airline pilots and have been exactly where you are. We can guide you how to become a pilot, what the best training route for you is, and assess whether you have the skills and aptitude required for success.

You will receive written feedback within 7 days detailing your performance and a personalised plan for you to work with.

As with our other courses, our Employability Course is held at The Beehive near London Gatwick, however our other locations of East Midlands,  Manchester, Bristol, Cardiff, Bologna & Milan are also available. 

This course will give you the honest and accurate advice you require when making your airline pilot career decisions. We believe no other training provider has the skills and expertise to be able to offer the impartial advice that we do.

Satisfied Clients. Successful Pilots.