Bespoke Aviation English Language Training

We are pleased to offer Bespoke 1:1 Aviation English language training, completely tailored to your personal needs.

The global language of aviation is English and therefore it’s important to be able to communicate effectively within the flight deck environment.  Airlines are increasingly looking to ensure that you can communicate in both aviation and conversational English - let AirlinePrep work with you to increase your chances of employment by obtaining ICAO ELP Level 5 or even Level 6 qualifications.

  • Take your ICAO English language proficiency renewal exam with greater confidence
  • Compliment your interview preparation training with high quality,  personalised English language training
  • Do you struggle with your written skills when completing reports in English? Let us help you
  • Perhaps you are just starting your aviation career?  Get off to a flying start by learning aviation English with AirlinePrep

Our English language training is conducted over the internet via Skype.  This allows us to deliver training wherever you are in the world.  Your training will be tailored to your specific needs - there is no fixed course; the training product that you will receive will be entirely bespoke and personalised to your English Language requirements. 

Your training will be conducted by Stephanie Whitebread:

  • Operational licensed Air Traffic Controller and instructor for over 28 years
  • ICAO English language proficiency rater
  • Holds a TESOL Diploma (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)
  • Experienced Aviation English and Business English Teacher for over 7 years

Stephanie will conduct an informal assessment and provide a rating in each of the six ICAO Descriptors: Pronunciation, Structure, Vocabulary, Comprehension, Fluency & Interaction. Subsequent sessions will be based upon this Assessment and tailored to you with the aim of improving your overall rating.

Candidates will be offered an initial assessment interview during which they can outline their own aims and objectives.  We will then make recommendations for the number of lessons required to reach your goal. However, as in all forms of training, a successful outcome is dependent on active participation and an amount of home study.

The courses can either be aimed specifically at the ICAO ELP Rating Tests; learning Aviation English; improving General English speaking skills (with a subtle twist of aviation!) to help with airline job interviews; or improving written English skills for report writing.  

Different exercises will be conducted to improve pronunciation, comprehension, structure (grammar) and vocabulary.  Usually fluency and interaction will naturally improve if a speaker is confident and has the necessary skills in the other four descriptors.    

How can you speak fluently if you are searching for words and cannot form correct sentences?

Please take a look at our pricing page to view your options, and just get in touch with us if you have any questions or would like to book English Langauge Training.  

Improve your Aviation English with AirlinePrep
Conduct your training from anywhere in the world
A tailored training package created specifically for you and your exact requirements

Satisfied Clients. Successful Pilots.