AirlinePrep recommend Jet MASTERCLASS for your Enhanced MCC Training to Airline Pilot Standards course (APS MCC). 

If you are a pilot currently undertaking pilot training via the integrated or modular flight training routes, then on completion of your CPL and IR with MEP it is essential that you take the vitally important step of choosing an MCC course that equips you with the very best jet handling and management skills combined with training that develops your core competencies in leadership, teamwork, workload, communication, situational awareness and decision making.

Due to a high failure rate of pilots during airline assessments, the airlines and EASA recognised that previous MCC courses did not necessarily equip aspiring airline pilots with the skills to perform effectively as First Officers which is why the ehanced MCC programme (APS) was introduced.

Jet MASTERCLASS are one of the UK's leading EASA Approved Training Organisations (ATOs) specialising in the delivery of APS MCC and AirlinePrep are proud to have been selected to provide airline pilot interview and assessment support to graduates of Jet MASTERCLASS on completion of the APS MCC course.

The Course

Your training programme with Jet MASTERCLASS and AirlinePrep will equip you with the skills and knowledge required to become a high performing First Officer and with the ability to pass your airline pilot interview and assessment.

All training is delivered in state of the art simulators by Airline Training Captains, First Officers and Type Rating Instructors, with immense experience and current industry knowledge. 

The Jet MASTERCLASS course is designed with immedite consolidation in mind, expertly combining classroom theory that covers MCC topics, jet orientation and airline readiness subjects, with practical simulator sessions on the B737-800W designed to immediately consolidate the theory into practical application.  The APS element continues to bridge the gap to first multi-pilot aeroplane type rating with advanced handling exercises and complex non-normal scenarios, all designed to build a solid flying foundation with a high level of capacity and SA - the exact skill set required to pass an airline assessment.

The final APS session is a check of your competency as an airline-ready First Officer where you are graded to ensure the appropriate exit standard is achieved.

Career Support

One of the most challenging aspects to becoming an airline pilot is to pass the airline interview and assessment. On completion of your course with Jet MASTERCLASS, you will attend a one day course with AirlinePrep that includes:

  • A one to one airline pilot interview with a pilot recruiter
  • Group exercises
  • Numerical, verbal and ATPL reasoning assessments
  • Interview training
  • Group exercise training
  • Career development seminar
  • A full written feedback report
  • Access to AirlinePrep The App


Integrated Training

Jet MASTERCLASS are the exclusive MCC/JOC and APS MCC provider for FTA Global (a current AirlinePrep training partner) so the combination of our services and skill sets provide the strongest possible programme of development that ensures high-quality, robust airline pilots ready to ace an airline assessment and subsequent type rating. 


For more information and to book your APS MCC course, contact info@jetmasterclass.com and quote 'AirlinePrep' with your booking. Alternatively if you would like to discuss your career support options directly, then please contact us.

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