Frequently Asked Questions

I need help with "The App". Where can I get help?

Have a look at our dedicated AirlinePrep "The App" Help & Support page here. We also welcome your comments directly and you can contact us here.

Do I need to prepare for my AirlinePrep assessment day?

Yes, in a similar manner to how you would prepare for your actual interview. This will allow us, and you, to see where you are in terms of preparation. We suggest you leave ample time to continue your preparation between your assessment day and your airline interview.

What should I wear for my assessment day?

A smart casual attire is expected and will help everyone be in the correct frame of mind.

Do you provide written feedback?

Yes. Here at AirlinePrep we will provide you with a full written report detailing your performance and how we think you can improve. You can expect to receive this report within 7 days. For information, our full written reports are not available on our workshop courses that we run in association with BALPA and Bristol Groundschool.

Is your bank of questions available online?

Yes - it's available on AirlinePrep "The App" which you can access here.

What experience do you have?

Your course instructors are all current and experienced airline pilots having operated aircraft such as the Dash 8, Boeing 737, 747, 757, 767 & 777 as well as the Airbus A319, A320, & A321. We have flown for many airlines both in the UK and abroad and having passed each assessment that has been presented to us first time we know what is required! We also know what you are going through and know how to help! Not only that, we have also been involved with Pilot recruitment processes so we are well placed to help you succeed.

Are the courses we run easy?

No; they are designed to give you exposure to how an airline recruitment day runs. If it was easy it wouldn't prepare you sufficiently. Our day is no less challenging! It gives you the ability to trial run the day in question and see where there are gaps in your preparation. Any areas for improvement will be highlighted to you either on the day or in your individual feedback.

How soon before my assessment should I complete my preparation day?

We recommend leaving enough time to build on what you have learnt on the day, where possible.

Are you recommended by your previous clients?

Yes we are. We have received excellent feedback from previous clients, and many of their experiences are described in the testimonials section. We also run courses with BALPA, Bristol Groundschool and The Wings Alliance, receiving excellent feedback from them and the clients we have trained. Take a look at our "Why Us?" page.

How do I make a booking?

You can register your interest in a course or fill out our contact page, giving details of the airline you are applying for and your available dates. We will then contact you for further information and talk you through the booking process.

How do I pay?

Once you have completed the booking form, you will be sent an email from one of our team. We ask you to confirm your booking and make payment within 3 days so we can highlight availability on our website as accurately as possible. The email you receive will contain all the required information to make payment via electronic bank transfer. Once you have made payment successfully we will be in touch with you to confirm this and give you further information regarding your course with us.

What if I need to cancel and/or rebook?

  • You can re-schedule your booking to an alternative date or receive a 100% refund providing you give 14 days notice prior to the course you were due to attend.
  • If you cancel your booking between 7 and 14 days prior to the course you were due to attend, then you will lose 50% of the course fee.
  • If you cancel within 7 days of the course date then you will lose 100% of the course fee.
We have these protections in place as we have to plan our facilities and instructor requirements with certainty. Please contact us for further information.

Who can attend an AirlinePrep course?

Anyone. You might have an airline assessment day forthcoming or you might have a training provider assessment day coming up. We can tailor individual parts of the day to suit you.

What happens if the course isn't full?

We will still run the course even if only 1 person can attend. If your course includes a group element then we will still run this, but the roles of other group members will be simulated by an instructor.

Where are the simulators located and what experience do your instructors have?

The full flight and fixed base simulators we use are located near London Gatwick Airport. The instructors we use are either current, or former, airline training pilots and have many years of commercial pilot training behind them. We only use training pilots that have this experience, to give you the best possible chance of success when it comes to your airline sim ride. With us you have the option of full flight simulator training, or fixed base simulator training with our training partners at pmFlight. See our simulator courses page here.

Why are the cancellation terms and conditions different for booking a simulator course to booking one of your other courses?

They are different because simulator time is extremely expensive, and in many cases simulator time is difficult to obtain. To obtain the rates we do we have to book and commit to the simulator time at the point of payment, and we are unable to obtain any refund from our simulator provider should you be unable to attend for any reason. When you book on one of our other courses, we have slightly more flexibility and therefore the cancellation terms listed in this FAQ section, and in our Terms and Conditions, apply.

Satisfied Clients. Successful Pilots.