About AirlinePrep

Our Mission

Welcome to AirlinePrep, the leading airline pilot interview and assessment training provider in Europe. AirlinePrep was established to expose and train current and future airline pilots in the varied and challenging recruitment methods that airlines and training providers use to assess and recruit their pilots. Our mission is simple - to give you the best chance of being successfully recruited!

How will we do that?

We will use our extensive knowledge of airline and cadet pilot recruitment processes to deliver a range of highly specialist courses which will challenge and subject you to the various types of assessments you will encounter. Interviews, group exercises, numerical, technical and verbal reasoning which will replicate accurately many of the assessments you will be subjected to by your prospective employer or flight training provider.

We provide high quality training equipping you with the skills and feedback needed for success during your forthcoming assessment. You will receive a detailed report on your performance ensuring you have feedback to refer to after your course has finished. The opportunity to trial run your assessment and receive training on how to prepare for your assessment will prove invaluable! We also believe in continuity of support and will always be available on the day and after your course to answer any questions you may have.

The service we offer is unique - all of our team are current airline pilots with recruitment experience which means that we have been where you are now and on both sides of the assessment process! You will be coached by a professional and friendly trainer who will work hard to ensure you are equipped with the skills required for success.

We are recommended by many industry leading partners such as BALPA, FTA Global, Jet Masterclass, Bristol Groundschool and The Wings Alliance. You can learn more about our links to other training associations.

Our Story

AirlinePrep was created in 2010 and is run by two UK based airline pilots. Our team has grown considerably and contains current airline Captains and First Officers, all flying for major UK based airlines as well as airline HR recruiters. Between us we’ve operated most Boeing and Airbus aircraft including the Boeing 737, 747, 757, 757 and 777 and the Airbus A319, A320, and A321.

We’ve collated career experience at airlines including Air Southwest, Excel Airways, GAMA Aviation, First Choice Airways, TUI Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Thomas Cook, Qatar Airways & the Royal Air Force. We’ve also personal experience of all forms of pilot training including Modular & Integrated via L3 Harris, Cabair, CAE Oxford, FTE Jerez and cadet sponsorships.

We always deliver the very best service to our clients and continuously improve and evolve the quality of training we deliver to meet the requirements of current and future recruitment processes. We have strong associations with BALPA, who use our services to deliver training to UK pilots facing redundancy, along with many UK based pilots new to our industry.

We also deliver training for students of FTA Global, Jet MasterclassBristol Groundschool and The Wings Alliance, where we have also helped to develop their recruitment solution. We truly believe that working with other organisations makes us stronger and able to deliver a better and more trustworthy service than our competitors. We have also helped to develop the pathways into Aviation for young people, in association with The Wings Alliance and Aviation Skills Partnership as well as supporting employees of Virgin Atlantic who aspire to become pilots with their own airline.

Created by Pilots for Pilots - we will always be here to support your career goals. Please just get in touch with us with any questions you may have.

Satisfied Clients. Successful Pilots.