from our past clients

After a quick brief the group assessment course with AirlinePrep throws you straight into the exercises. The day is challenging, but this allowed the instructors, as well as myself, to find weaker areas of my assessment that I was then able to focus on developing even after the day was over. 

The 1:1 interview was especially beneficial as Tim helped to tweak my answers and delivery which provided a huge boost to my confidence. During the real deal for both online and face-to-face assessments I found myself well prepared and was able to perform to my potential. The preparation given by AirlinePrep definitely helped me to land my first job and I would recommend it to anybody going for an assessment. 

M, preparing for Ryanair and Thomas Cook pilot interviews - attended Dec 2018


Just a quick email to say I’ve been accepted onto the generation easyjet programme with CAE. Awaiting which route I’ll get given, but wouldn’t have been possible with the help and support I received on the days course I did with AirlinePrep.

I was also offered a position on the Flybe MPL, but over the moon with being offered a place on the easyjet course. 

Please send my thanks to the team who helped me on the day!

O, preparing for Generation easyJet pilot interview - attended Oct 2018

Good evening Jamie,
It was good to see you again on Friday, thank you for taking the time to see us after our course! I just wanted to pass on my thanks to Amy, Helen and yourself for providing a truly fantastic package. It was a really enjoyable day and definitely worth every penny!! I will keep you posted, hopefully with some success stories in the very near future!!
Thank you

D, preparing for Ryanair pilot interview - attended Dec 2018

Hi Jamie & Dave,

Thank you so very much for all your support and guidance during my recent half day course with you. You accommodated me at such late notice and sent my feedback very quickly so that I could absorb and learn from it before my interview the following day. 
I’m delighted to have received and accepted an offer from EasyJet and begin my type rating at the end of January. 
My experiences over the last two years with you all at AirlinePrep have been fantastic and worth every penny! The feedback is invaluable and your expert guidance and support have prepared me well. 
You’re an extremely enthusiastic and professional team and I will most certainly continue to recommend you. The service you offer should be commended ! 
Thank you all once again for playing such a huge part in getting me to where I’m at now. 
Wishing you all at AirlinePrep a very happy & prosperous New Year and the continuing success you all deserve. 

A, preparing for easyJet pilot interview - attended Jan 2019

Good afternoon Helen,

I would just like to say thank you so much for the interview preparation for L3, and that I passed first time!!   I feel the interview tips you gave me helped so much in calming the nerves and knowing how to formulate the questions. Thank you so much again!

W, preparing for L3 pilot interview - attended Jan 2019

Having attended a one-day preparation course at AirlinePrep, I’m delighted to share just how impressed I was by the quality of the product delivered by Jamie and his team. Historically I had been weak during interviews, but AirlinePrep provided me with both the confidence and the tools required to present myself as a suitable candidate for a First Officer’s position. Furthermore, the supportive, professional instructors use their direct industry insight to tailor the course in a way that shapes it to fit each airline’s unique requirements. I’d like to thank AirlinePrep for the support I received, as this allowed me to go on and secure offers from two major European airlines. I would highly recommend their product to those with upcoming assessments.

T.W, preparing for Ryanair and flyBe pilot interviews - attended Nov 2018

Hi Jamie,

I have been offered an assessment with easyJet which I attended yesterday - and I'm proudly able to say that I have been offered a position as second officer! My type rating starts in the next few weeks and I am so very happy!

Many thanks for the support, I couldn't have done it without. I will aim to keep you updated a long the way.

O, preparing for easyJet pilot interview - attended Dec 2018

Hi Jamie,
I have just been offered a place for ATPL training at CAE Oxford!
I would like to express my sincere thanks to you for your guidance, advice and training. Your advice on the interview content and style with your recommended responses was on target!

L, preparing for CAE pilot interview - attended Jan 2019

Hi Amy and Jamie,

Just thought I’d drop you a quick email and tell you the good news...I passed my interview with L3 and have a place on their Whitetail course!!

I’d like to thank you for all the help and advice you have given. The course was invaluable and certainly steered me in the right direction. I cannot emphasise enough how much your help and advice after the course meant to me. I certainly felt more like a fellow pilot-in-the-making than just a paying customer.

I will keep in touch and update you with my progress as I navigate ground school, taking off during the flying phase and landing my first officers position! 

Again thank you for all your help!

J, preparing for L3 pilot interview - attended Nov 2017

Having taken a huge amount of guidance from yourselves at Airline Prep I was delighted to receive and accept the offer to join Thomas Cook via IAGO and have begun the type rating this week!

I realise it's a cliched thing to say but I genuinely believe that this has happened due to my connection with yourselves and I am incredibly grateful. When making the initial call to Jamie back in September I was aiming to polish my preparation for airline applications but I never expected the forthcoming help and guidance to have such an impact.

If there is anything I can do to help you further the interest of your company going forward I would be delighted to assist others as you have done for me.

Many thanks (from my family aswell!) and I hope we keep in touch.

A, preparing for IAGO Thomas Cook pilot interview - attended Oct 2018


AirlinePrep for me is a testament of your hard work and sheer determination.  Airline Prep brings to aviation what many have strived to do but rarely achieve it.  

You and your team provide a fantastic course which really adds value and having previously been sceptical, I can now vouch and I am fully convinced that your course is the best around.  Which then leads me to believing that any other items you offer will be of equal measure.  AirlinePrep wants to help and helps people gain the correct skills set as a future pilot.  

There are many providers of generic courses which sadly provides negative light to others providing the real deal.

AirlinePrep provides you the real deal.

I cannot wish you and your team all the best in all that you do.

The instructor - Tim - was simply fantastic in his delivery, pitch and flex.  An awesome style of instilling confidence and a great day I had.

A, preparing for Airline assessments - attended BALPA Oct 2018


Fantastic experience that I could not promote enough. I learnt a huge amount from my interview prep day with Airline Prep, the group exercises in particular taught me a lot and the day provided me with some great knowledge and the tools to pass an airline interview. Tim was amazing and very knowledgeable, answering any and all questions and assessing our interview skills well, giving vital feedback that I will take to my next airline interview. 5 stars! 

D, preparing for Airline assessments - attended BALPA Oct 2018


I just wanted to say a huge thank you for a fantastic day at Balpa HQ with Airline Prep. The day was thoroughly worth it, and I will carry many of the learnt skills forward into my airline interviews commencing within the next few months.  I simply cannot recommend the day enough. Hopefully, if all works out, I should become a paying member of Balpa in the next few months. 

R, preparing for Airline assessments - attended BALPA Oct 2018


Thank you for a great training event. In particular I'd like to point out Martin's direct, honest and to the point feedback during the 1-on-1 interview as a very valuable eye-opener in how to tackle competency based interview questions. Giving feedback on the spot gave me a chance to reflect on it immediately. 

Laurie and Chris' input through the day and being able to practise a few group exercises was absolute gold dust. There's nothing I could have done at home googling or talking to the mirror which would have given me the equivalent edge.

Short story is my assessment was a success and I'm now awaiting the Sim check. It is not an understatement to say the feedback and experience I took with me from your training event is highly likely what swung it in my favour. This was my very first airline interview assessment. Of the six guys on my group exercise only me and another made it to the afternoon ... the two who did most the talking were gone.

When it came time for the 1-on-1 I had Martin's voice in my head going 'drop the dead wood, sell yourself'. It worked. 

C, preparing for TUI & Jet 2 pilot interview - attended Oct 2018

Hi Jamie

I think its now to drop you and your colleagues a quick line on where I am following that day spent at the Beehive Gatwick now 27 months ago.

 I'm very happy to say I am now line training with easyJet, following an integrated ATPL course with CTC tagged with easyJet.

The springboard experience with AirlinePrep, a first training/learning for myself outside the school classroom is something that will never be forgotten and is often referred to as the first positive step and most valuable contribution to a long journey. Indeed AirlinePrep featured as highly recommended by me in a recent presentation that I delivered to aspiring pilots at my old school.

I have already written to you about that day with your team in glowing terms, I can add no more other than appreciation. Thank you. It has certainly proved to have passed and exceeded the value for my money check! 

As the career journey develops, I am sure that I will refer back to the competencies developed on yoru training day to assist me with my career development.

It has been interesting to compare the AirlinePrep experience with the FTO experience at the point of delivery!

Wishing you and your colleagues every success in the future.

P, preparing for easyJet pilot interview - attended July 2016

Hello Gentlemen,

I just wanted to say that i really enjoyed the training day with Harry. It was exactly what i needed to go into the assessment day with Easyjet.

Today I received the message that i was successful and I cannot tell you how happy I am. It is great that people like you are out there to help candidates on such a professional level.

Thanks a lot 

T, preparing for easyJet pilot interview - attended Oct 2018

Hi Tim,

Thank you so much. Your feedback and report was extremely valuable! I could not have done it without you. I am not sure if you know but before the course I failed two interviews. This time round I passed tui, jet2 and Thomas cook interviews! It’s thanks to you! 

I have been recommending AirlinePrep to everyone I meet!

N, preparing for airline assessments - attended May 2018

MILITARY PILOT TESTIMONIAL - I cannot thank the Airline Prep team enough for their help and guidance throughout my transition from the military.  As a pilot with a mainly rotary-wing background and therefore limited fixed-wing experience, it was critical that I was able to impress in other ways throughout the rigorous airline selections I undertook.  The team gave me the ability to approach 3 selections with major UK carriers confidently; I was successful at all of them and as a result I had the luxury of being able to choose where I wanted to go.  I attended the Military Group Preparation and Military Interview Courses as part of my resettlement package and both were time and money well spent.  Airline Prep’s advice on how to approach group exercises and interviews was, in my opinion, vital information and without it I doubt I would’ve been in the position I now find myself in; about to commence employment as an FO on the 737-800 with a prestigious UK airline.

L, preparing for Airline assessments - attended Apr 2018

I finished my professional flight training in April 2018 and didn’t know where to start when creating my aviation CV, as I had been working for 11 years in a totally different field.

I searched on google and came across AirlinePrep and within an hour of emailing them, I spoke to Jamie who explained they could create me a CV and cover letter.  I received it within 3 days and was very well presented and consolidated to one page! I asked what else they offered and I heard about their interview practise afternoon. Seeing as I had never had an aviation interview before, I booked it. I had an afternoon with Greg and was money well spent, I used all the skills he taught me and 3 months later I was offered my first job, with CityJet.

Thank you for everything Jamie, Ben and Greg

S, preparing for CityJet assessment - attended May 2018

I completed a one day preperation course with you back in January ahead of my assessment at Aer Lingus in Dublin.

I've just received word that I have been successful and will start with them in later in 2018.

Just wanted to let you know the outcome and thank you and your team again for all your help, which no doubt played an important role in this.

I have recommended Airlineprep to many job hunters, all of whom have given rave reviews, and I will continue to do so in future.

L.R, preparing for Aer Lingus assessment - attended Jan 2018

I hope you are well.

I just wanted to let you know that I was successful in my application with Flybe. I start my Type Rating on the DHC-8 Q400 later this year.

I just wanted to say big thank you to you, Martin and everyone who helped me at AirlinePrep. 

All the best.

L, preparing for flyBe assessment - attended April 2018

MILITARY PILOT TESTIMONIAL - Overall Airline Prep’s course was professionally run and pitched at exactly the correct level. As an ex-military pilot the transition to the civilian world can seem a daunting one, but having attended the course I now feel I am now armed with the correct methodology to ensure I make a success of it. I would recommend the course to any individual looking to make the transition.

DG, preparing for Airline assessment - attended July 2018

MILITARY PILOT TESTIMONIAL - I recently attended a military airline prep workshop with Tim C and found it to be immensely useful and informative. To be able to come away knowing how to tackle a selection process and get feedback on interview responses was invaluable and I would recommend it as being essential to anyone pursuing an airline career.

AM, preparing for Airline assessment - attended July 2018

MILITARY PILOT TESTIMONIAL - I recently attended the military to commercial pilot workshop with AirlinePrep and am pleased that I did so! Earlier in the year I had already taken part in a military to commerical workshop with another company, but having left that course, I still felt underprepared which is why decided to book a course with AirlinePrep. The AirlinePrep instructors equipped me with the skills I needed to effectively demonstrate my core experience and skills at an airline pilot assessment. I have now passed the entire selection process with a UK airline and credit this to the fact that the AirlinePrep instructors are recruitment pilots, and not just people that happen to have been previously successful at passing airline interviews. They've seen pilot recruitment from both sides of the table which is why I would encourage any military pilot to attend one of their courses.

GB, preparing for Airline assessment - attended July 2018

MILITARY PILOT TESTIMONIAL - I attended an AirlinePrep Military to Civilian transition Workshop in May and was very pleased with the instruction, help, and advice that Tim and Laurie gave.  I left the day with a clear view of what to expect at assessment and how to tackle each component of the process.  The questions that I had to answer during the assessment were very similar to those that we worked through during the course, and I felt well prepared thanks to AirlinePrep.

I found the AirlinePrep team to be very helpful in delivering ongoing support after I attended the course.  They were quick to reply to the questions I had and forthcoming with additional tips and advice.

I was able to book a simulator session at V1 Aviation at very short notice when I was invited to attend a sim assessment.  I had never flown a jet simulator before and found that the excellent instruction delivered over the short session gave me the confidence and skills to perform well at the sim assessment.  Thanks again to AirlinePrep for recommending V1.

I highly recommend the military to civilian transition course to those leaving the military to join the airlines, and AirlinePrep as a whole to anyone with airline assessments on the horizon.

JL, preparing for Airline assessment - attended June 2018

Hi Ben,  I wanted to write and say that I found the AirlinePrep course that I did a few months ago with Chris to be absolutely fantastic.

I’ve just received an email saying that I have passed onto the sim stage and I honestly know that I wouldn't have passed without the help that I received from Chris, including 1:1 interview prep and group exercise coaching with another client.

It was great to have a current Airline Captain running the session with his wealth of knowledge about the assessment process and to answer any questions, and also someone who was on the type that I was applying for too! 

The AirlinePrep competencies were very helpful (especially the team work ones) and so was the group exercise PowerPoint presentation.

I was very surprised at how detailed the feedback was that Chris emailed to me within a few days (and is sent to all candidates afterwards) - this really helped me reflect on the day. 

Thank you again for encouraging me to book - I’m very grateful.

Please, if anyone is in any doubt about joining a class, I’m happy for you to forward this message on to them as it may help them decide.

A, preparing for Airline assessment - attended June 2018

Hi Jamie/Greg,

Firstly a massive apology for not getting back to you quicker with the result of my assessment day. I got the result and then the next day I was going on holiday so I had my head all over the place and totally forgot to inform you guys. I received good news though as I was successful at the interview day and they offered me a job so I'm feeling very lucky as there was about 40 people just on my day! 

I would like to say a huge thank you to you both for getting me in for the preparation day so quickly and also for putting yourselves out to accomodate my availability it was hugely appreciated. I really appreciate the help you gave me Greg and I went home with your advice, tweaked my examples and practiced like mad! I learnt a huge amount from the whole day and it was a massive help. 

Again I cant thank you both enough for everything and I have already recommended you several times and I will continue to do so as you provide such a great day that really helps get prepared. 

Thanks so much again,

A, preparing for TUI pilot assessment - attended June 2018

Hi Ben, the AirlinePrep day I attended was really good!  Chris and Martin ran the course brilliantly.  I feel much more equipped to answer any questions that I may be asked at interview along with having improved my skills to work within a team for a group task. Additionally, I feel so much more relaxed about attending an assessment day with an airline as a result - thank you. 

M, preparing for first airline selection post MCC-APS - attended June 2018

Overall Airline Prep’s course was professionally run and pitched at exactly the correct level. As an ex-military pilot the transition to the civilian world can seem a daunting one, but having attended the course I now feel I am now armed with the correct methodology to ensure I make a success of it. I would recommend the course to any individual looking to make the transition

DG, preparing for flyBe pilot assessment - attended May 2018

Jamie / Ben

Just a quick email to say thank you for all the organisation and arrangement you did for my afternoon yesterday with Greg.  He was very good and have taken away more than I thought I would!  The feedback document has made me feel more confident for when that interview comes around now.

S, preparing for flyBe pilot assessment - attended June 2018

Hi Amy, I had great news last week when I found out I’d got the job I wanted (737 DEC). I definitely put what I learned to good use and it was an excellent confidence boost too, although I did not get to put my new group exercise skills to use.

Thanks again for your excellent work with me and o think I already mentioned but I’ll be recommending your course to others...

A.N, preparing for cargo airline assessment - attended June 2018

I attended the Airline Prep full day course in November 2017.  The content of the course was simply outstanding.  It was tailored to my needs and delivered a huge amount of information in a professional and easy-to-understand manner.  The course not only significantly improved my preparedness for the airline selection process, but also developed my non-technical skills and highlighted areas for me to work on.

Thanks to AirlinePrep’s link with IAGO, I was “fast tracked” to the IAGO selection day and began an A320 type rating in Feb 2018, just 3 months after attending the AirlinePrep course.

I thoroughly recommend AirlinePrep, both for the quality of the information delivered and for the valuable link they have into airlines – something which is unrivalled amongst other competing companies.

A.F, Military Pilot preparing to join the commercial world - attended November 2017

I just wanted to report back, following my day with Greg the AirlinePrep instructor.

Greg is a fantastic Guy, with great coaching style and great teaching skills.I thoroughly enjoyed his company.

Regarding the training day, well I could not have asked for more, as it was just excellent and beyond! The feedback report I have received from Greg is invaluable and very thorough.

In conclusion, I am much more confident about going for the assessment now and I am armed with the knowledge to do as well as I  possibly can do.

Many thanks and the course was indeed worth every penny! Now I have work to do!

S, preparing for multiple UK airline assessments - attended June 2018

I recently attended a military to commercial pilot workshop with AirlinePrep and found it to be immensely useful and informative.  To be able to come away knowing how to tackle a selection process and get feedback on interview responses was invaluable and I would recommend it as being essential to anyone pursuing an airline career.

T M, Miltary Pilot preparing to join the commercial world - attended May 2018

Hi Chris,

Thank you very much for the feedback, it is very detailed and will definitely help me to come up with the necessary and relevant examples.

Thank you again for a very interesting and thought provoking morning. It was definitely worth the money.

M, preparing for BA pilot assessment - attended May 2018

Hi Greg,

I don’t know if you remember me but you did a prep day with me on 23/02. Two weeks ago I did my interview with easyjet and yesterday I was told that I was successful. I just wanted to thank you it really helped me and gave me more confidence on the day. The group exercise was the one you had to build the tunnel and move a vehicle through it as described on the AirlinePrep app. Interview quite straight forward tell us about your career, why do you want to work for us, and some competency based questions.

Again thank you very much it quite possibly made the difference and this will have a great impact on my future.

T, preparing for easyJet pilot assessment - attended Feb 2018

Just a brief note with some exciting news. Yesterday afternoon I was offered – and gratefully accepted – an FO position on the Dash 8 Q400 with Flybe!
My sincere thanks for your support and guidance in the run up to and throughout the recent interview skills preparation day at Gatwick. I threw everything I had at the interview including a very helpful, exciting and rather expensive session on the 737NG sim with V1 last Sunday. I took on-board all your comments and put in some considerable time researching the company and its aircraft further, and honing my answers to a variety of competency based questions.
I can’t wait for the type rating and line training now. It still hasn’t really sunk in!

P, preparing for flyBe pilot assessment - attended March 2018

Just a brief note with some exciting news. Yesterday afternoon I was offered – and gratefully accepted – an FO position on the Dash 8 Q400 with Flybe!
My sincere thanks for your support and guidance in the run up to and throughout the recent interview skills preparation day at Gatwick. I threw everything I had at the interview including a very helpful, exciting and rather expensive session on the 737NG sim with V1 last Sunday. I took on-board all your comments and put in some considerable time researching the company and its aircraft further, and honing my answers to a variety of competency based questions.
I can’t wait for the type rating and line training now. It still hasn’t really sunk in!

P, preparing for pilot interviews - attended March 2018

Good Evening Jamie & Ben,

I just wanted to drop you an e-mail to thank you and everyone at AirlinePrep.
I've just got home from the day course at Gatwick which was absolutely fantastic. The wealth and depth of knowledge on offer today was brilliant, not only about the airline industry as a whole, but the entire process, from training, through to interview techniques and hints and tips, numerical reasoning, the whole package I felt was amazing. I really learnt a huge amount, and even though I haven't received Helen's full feedback, for which I look forward to getting, I feel like the advice offered on the spot today was really eye opening and has really helped me to think about how I am portrayed and things I can do differently in the future.
Once again a huge thank you to you all, if you could be so kind as to pass on my thanks that would be much appreciated.

R, preparing for pilot interviews - attended April 2018
The Airline Prep full day course was fantastic. Three very experienced Captains sharing crucial information about the more 'behind the scenes' side of airline recruitment. They were meticulously attentive, managing to analyse us individually despite being in a group (4), which was summarised in a very depth personalised report at the end. I now have a comprehensive document detailing aspects to improve on which I feel will be absolutely conducive to my success. Thoroughly worth the money and thoroughly recommend. Thanks Mel, Amy and Helen.
T, preparing for Cadet pilot interviews - attended March 2018
Hi AirlinePrep,
I trust this email finds you both safe and well following the recent adverse weather conditions.
Just a brief note to offer my sincere thanks for your time, guidance and advice at the interview preparation session at Gatwick last week. I received your reports, reviewed them in detail over the weekend and am now honing my pre-interview preparation in response.
To say that I am delighted with the AirlinePrep service is an understatement at the very least. As I mentioned in my email to Jamie last week I have already recommended you to several friends who are in a similar position to me and I will continue to do so. Regardless of the outcome of my interview later this month I couldn’t be happier with the service you have provided. Great value for money.
Thank you once again.
P, preparing for flyBe pilot interview - attended Feb 2018

I attended an AirlinePrep course in October last year. I decided to attend because I had only just left college, and had no idea of what to expect in my Generation easyJet application.

The team I had on the day were extremely friendly and helpful, and the feedback I was sent afterwards was invaluable. Tim has also been able to answer some questions via email since. Without the AirlinePrep course and feedback I would have struggled to prepare as well as I did for my interview and group exercises.

I have now been accepted onto the Generation easyJet course on my first attempt, and I would definitely recommend AirlinePrep to anyone planning on applying to flight school.

O, preparing for a Generation easyJet pilot assessment - attended October 2017

Hi AirlinePrep,

I received a report from Martin and would like to provide feedback on the half-day session with Martin almost two weeks ago.

A professional pilot himself, Martin struck me as a passionate coach who wants me to succeed as much as I do.  He kept contact with me before and after the assessment and provided immediate support before my interview on the assessment date.  Although my session was a half-day one, he pinpointed the nuts and bolts of the interview and what I needed to know about group exercises, mentally and practically preparing me for the forthcoming assessment, which was actually the next day.  Knowing that my interview was in fact just some 20 hours later, he told me what to do in order to make the best of the time I still had.  I reckon he is a very young, enthusiastic role model to whom I look up.

Thanks a lot of the pre-course support, Jamie, too.  Thanks a lot for launching Airline Prep and helping aspiring aviators.  I will definitely seek help from Martin again in preparation for future assessments.

T.K, preparing for a L3 CTS pilot assessment - attended November 2017

Hi AirlinePrep,

I would just like to thank you and the team for the AirlinePrep day I attended a couple of weeks ago. I found out today that I’ve been excepted on to the L3 CTS whitetail programme!

I, preparing for a L3 CTS pilot assessment - attended November 2017
Hi Tim,

On the 8th of November I, together with many ex Monarch colleagues attended the airline prep course hosted by you and your colleague at BALPA

The day after that I had my assessment day at easyjet and I am pleased to say I received an email today stating I’ve been successful. 

Thank you so much for your help. I am sure that had I not attended the course the outcome would have been different. 

D, preparing for a easyJet pilot interview - attended November 2017

I would just like to pass on my thanks to Amy for the fantastic course she delivered yesterday, and to yourself for organizing it.

Amy was excellent and I learned an awful lot about interview techniques and how I come across in interviews. I think I also discovered some really key critical mistakes in my own interview technique which would have definitely been a downfall in my Wizz Air Pilot assessment had I not taken this course, so I think I'm in a much better position now to succeed at the interview than I would've been previously.

I appreciate that I still have some work to do so I'm glad I have a couple of more weeks to prepare, however, I'm looking forward to receiving the report once Amy gets a chance to complete it, so I can act upon the feedback to fine-tune and hone my interview skills to give me the best chance at my Wizz Air Pilot assessment.

C, preparing for a Wizz Air pilot interview - attended November 2017

Attended a course at Airline Prep in June this year having previously failed a selection day at CTC for the whitetail programme so I wanted to get a little more interview and group exercise experience. 

The team that looked after us on the day were simply fantastic; super friendly and very knowledgable having either worked as pilots themselves or in airline recruitment. 

When I went to my next CTC/L3  selection day, I felt much more confident and prepared for the interview and how to tackle to group exercise, having had the summer to reflect on the very well detailed feedback that I received from the Airline Prep team. 

I am pleased to say that I passed the selection on this attempt, and that is largely down to the help I received from Jamie and his team! 

H, preparing for a L3 cadet pilot assessment - attended June 2017

Hi AirlinePrep,

The course was invaluable - very glad I got a chance to make the mistakes here, and hopefully there will be fewer on the real day. E was a great instructor, his feedback was very insightful and he made the whole day really enjoyable.

BS, preparing for a easyJet cadet pilot assessment - attended Nov 2017

Just wanted to take the time to thank you for your valuable insight and input throughout the AirlinePrep course this past Monday. I sincerely appreciate the time you spent reviewing my career goals and recommending the appropriate strategies for achieving them. 

Your advice was very helpful and gave me a new perspective on the upcoming opportunities. Additionally, may I add that I was very impressed with the layout of the course and its organisation -- the instructors were brilliant too.

DB, preparing for a BA Cadet Pilot assessment - attended Nov 2017

Hello Janine, 

Just a quick note to say many thanks with the CV preparation, I have completed the easyJet selection process and with your early stage assistance have just been confirmed successful to start type rating beginning of next year!

TH, preparing for a easyJet pilot assessment - CV services in June 2017

Dear Amy,

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to help and prepare me for my Titan Airways interview with Virtual Aviation next Tuesday! I enjoyed the preparation session with the added comfort of someone wanting to help and see me succeed. 

I'd like to thank you for helping me construct those interview answers and sending me a report of your version of improved answers. It has made me feel a bit more confident about the interview.  Also, it has been a massive help with you highlighting the bits I need to improve on. 

I have not received a preparation pack from them,  so I am still waiting on that my self.

Thank you so much once again, and I hope I have good news coming soon!

S, preparing for a Titan Airways pilot assessment - attended September 2017

Just to let you know I found out yesterday morning that I've met the selection standard for L3 and have been accepted on the generation easyJet programs. Absolutely over the moon, hasn't really sunk in yet to be honest.

Now got a wait of around 8 weeks to find which  specific route I'm on (ATPL or MPL), but either way very happy.

Thanks again for all your help on the course. Was a really useful day and really helped improve the areas I wasn't as strong at. Definitely is a very useful course, and combined with the strong feedback means it really helps improve specific areas. 

All the best and many thanks again,

W. R, preparing for a Generation easyJet pilot assessment - attended August 2017
Hello AirlinePrep,

I have some good news! I went for a Ryanair pilot interview last week and was successful, TR is to start beginning of January. 

Just like to say a big thanks to you and the team at airlineprep. The course helped me regain the confidence that allowed me to speak more freely in my interview and I also applied the group task theory to my CRM skills in the sim assessment.

Overall I really enjoyed the RYR assessment day despite the nerves. 

Thank you again.
B, preparing for a Ryanair pilot interview - attended July 2017
I Just wanted to email you to pass on my gratitude to your team for todays Airline Assessment Preparation Day.  Having had a woeful interview with easyJet in March, my confidence had taken a real knock, but after todays event I honestly feel empowered and ready to tackle my upcoming airline assessment.
Whilst I can't predict the outcome, todays experience will certainly be a big help during my assessment with them.  I wasn't sure what to expect today, and was a little apprehensive about doing it given the cost, but in hindsight I do believe it was money well spent.  Thank you for organising my place on this course, I greatly appreciate it!
J.B, preparing for a UK Holiday airline interview - attended July 2017
Hi Janine,

Thank you for the luck, it seemed to work. I passed the easyJet pilot interview and got my acceptance email this morning. I'm absolutely thrilled! 

I really want to thank you again, the Airline Prep was extremely useful for setting myself up well for the interview and it also helped with the nerves. I really appreciated the relaxed environment and I think that's helped me take more on board on the day.
C, going for an easyJet Pilot interview - attended July 2017


Today has been a great help and has given me more confidence for my upcoming Ryanair Pilot assessment.

Thanks for arranging it at such sort notice and thanks for the help Greg!

T, going for an Ryanair Pilot interview - attended July 2017

AirlinePrep were an essential resource in assisting me make the successful transition from military to civil flying careers and securing that all important first job.  

A thoroughly professional team of consultants with extensive airline industry specialist knowledge, they were contactable at all times and took care to provide a bespoke, tailored solution based on my personal circumstances and experience level.

AirlinePrep's training was well delivered by credible instructors, opening my eyes to the subtleties of airline pilot recruitment and the matrix against which you will be assessed.  As a military pilot, the importance of gaining insight into the requirement to rebrand and repackage your skill set cannot be overstated.
Furthermore, The App is a comprehensive and handy resource that I used across several Apple and Windows based devices; I found the numerical and verbal reasoning packages particularly useful.

I would strongly recommend AirlinePrep's services to all aspiring commercial pilots.

JM, Military Pilot transitioning to an Airline Career - attended July 2017

Just wanted to email you to pass on my gratitude to your team for todays Airline Assessment Preparation Day. Having had a woeful interview with easyJet in March, my confidence had taken a real knock, but after todays event I honestly feel empowered and ready to tackle my upcoming IAGO Platinum Thomas Cook assessment. Whilst I can't predict the outcome, todays experience will certainly be a big help during my assessment with them. 

I wasn't sure what to expect today, and was a little apprehensive about doing it given the cost, but in hindsight I do believe it was money well spent. 

Thank you for organising my place on this course, I greatly appreciate it!

J, preparing for IAGO Platinum interview - attended July 2017

Just a quick email to tell you that I passed my easyJet pilot interview and assessment this week! The airline prep experience proved very useful both in terms of methods and self confidence and I've let friends know about it.

Again, many thanks to Greg for the course itself and for his very helpful feedback.

BG preparing for easyJet pilot interview - attended July 2017

Amy Fenlon has been a fantastic coach for my preparation for the Monarch Pilot interview. I took it seriously and prepared well for the coaching day and she has been able to make me perform well during that training day and today at the interview with Monarch. Thanks a lot to her and all the team at AirlinePrep.

FA preparing for Monarch pilot interview - attended July 2017

Hey AirlinePrep,

I just wanted to send you a quick email regarding some exciting news I received. As you can probably remember I was due to carry out FTE Jerez's assessment day between the 5th and 8th. I completed all assessments yesterday including my technicals involving maths,physics, numerical reasonimg and numeracy and then of course my group excercise, PILAPT and interview. 

Today I then received a debrief by the head of training and am therefore delighted to say that FTE have offered me a place with a start date in November. I'm composing this email mainly due to the fact that without the help of you, your team and the whole of airline prep I would have been totally unable to perform well in my group excercise and interview and surprisingly the head of training made note to me that my group excercise was extremely good therefore I just wanted to express my gratitude as without your help I would not be sitting here with an offer from an FTO therefore thank you so much for everything , I hope to further keep in touch. 

B preparing for FTE Jerez - attended June 2017

The course I did with AirlinePrep was a fantastic confidence booster for my Ryanair Pilot interview and assessment. It was intense and at times an eye opener of what I have to focus more attention to. Enrico was extremely good, he made me feel relaxed and welcome. I was provided with tips and detailed feedback on what to improve on, and I highly reccommend anyone looking to prepare for an interview to give AirlinePrep a call and book a course. It helped me for my Ryanair interview, and today I received the good news that I passed selection and will start a B737 type rating course soon!

AP preparing for Ryanair Pilot interview - attended June 2017

I would like to thank you and everyone at AirlinePrep for such a splendid, enjoyable and educational course. I really had a good time with your instructor who was absolutely fantastic and genuinely awesome.  I was at ease from the very beginning, the preparation course was exceptionally well balanced and extremely informative and I feel that I have given myself a really good chance for my assessment.  I feel really confident thanks to AirlinePrep and I will 100% recommend you to my circle of friends, thank-you dearly.

ZP preparing for UK holiday airline - attended May 2017


Just wanted to say a big thank you for organising the interview preparation course at  such short notice last week. Janine was excellent and I came away having learnt a lot about what recruiters are looking for in a competency based interview. I really feel that it has transformed the way I will manage my up and coming interview. 

I would definitely recommend this course to friends and colleagues.

JW preparing for UK holiday airline - attended May 2017

I just wanted to thank you for your help as i've just found out that I passed my Command Interview!  Apparently I did a really good job, they enjoyed it when I spoke about the leadership and management aspects of command that you taught, and were also impressed at a number of other examples that I brought to the interview.  I really feel that doing the interview training with a current Airline Captain made all the difference.  Thanks again for all your support and help.   

S, Current First Officer who came to AirlinePrep for Command Interview Training - attended Mar 2017

Thank you, Airline Prep, so very much for all your help.  You showed my son where the bar is and gave lots of advice as to how to reach it.  From first contact to after course advice, response to all queries was very quick.  The after course report was detailed and specific.  I can’t recommend Airline Prep highly enough.  Very professional throughout and you certainly know what you are talking about.

A.C, Parent of client selected for Airline MPL Scheme - attended Feb 2017

I Thought I'd contact you to let you know how things are going.  I'm currently a week away from starting my induction with easyJet and flying the Airbus across Europe!

I'm a strong believer that without AirlinePrep I believe that I would not be where I am today and for that, I am fully in your debt. 

R.S, Cadet Pilot - attended Jun 16

Firstly, i'd like to take the opportunity to thank you for my preparation day.  It was a great learning experience, and having not done any interviews of a similar structure before, really opened my eyes to what an airline interviewer was looking for.  The feedback on my interview answers was excellent, and using the techniques you taught, I was able to create a set of excellent scenarios for use in the interview.

The group exercise practice was extremely useful.  Knowing what to expect going into the exercise helped hugely - I was calm and felt prepared.  I made sure to set down criteria and add each factor to it.  

The interview went well, and again, I felt prepared.  Using the structuring technique I was taught allowed me to answer all questions confidently. 

I've just heard that i've been offered a position on the Easyjet MPL course so i'm absolutely delighted!  I have no doubt that this preparation played a significant role in achieving this. 

D.C, Cadet Pilot - attended Dec 16

I spent three hours with your colleague, Janine, in preparation for my Virgin Atlantic Pilot interview. Janine was extremely friendly and approachable. She has a very warm manner which creates a comfortable and professional atmosphere. Her depth of knowledge is immense! I was particularly impressed with her focus on key questions that may come up in my interview as well as her desire to not just 'get me through the interview' but to also develop my skills for future interviews. She was excellent and well worth every penny spent!

C. T, Low cost carrier FO - attended Nov 16

I would like to say thank you for the invaluable information, guidance and tips that you gave on the Interview prep course earlier in the year at Bristol Ground School. I found it very useful and informative. I am almost certain that the course was the main reason that I successfully passed the Jet2 Pilot interview and went on to pass the sim. I have accepted a job offer from Jet2 and I start in a couple of weeks.

Thank you again for the great course that you provide.

M.J, RAF Instructor

I'm just letting you know that I am really satisfied with the afternoon i've just had with your instructor, Martin! I now know what are the things I have to work on are, to radically improve my chances of success. I also feel way more confident after the preparation. Martin was fantastic, really professional and friendly. So thanks a lot, it was really worth it!

R.G, Cadet Pilot

I cannot overstate the positive mindset that my son came away with after the day he spent with you last week.

Following my read through of your post course report I can only say (after the last 12 years of school reports) how comprehensive and informative it was. The quality of content was exceptional, by capturing not only what he did and said on the day but offering good strong opinion and advice with which to go forward. AirlinePrep certainly passes with flying colours the VFM ( value for money) test!

We are currently attending a 9 day regional gliding competition (good results so far!) and he can be heard promoting and praising the merits of AirlinePrep amongst other would be pilots.

Thank you again to you and your colleagues - you certainly surpassed all expectations.

K.M, Parent of a future CTC MPL Student

After years trying to secure employment as a First Officer, I decided to take a different approach & use AirlinePrep The App to prepare for Interviews & Assessments. The product has proven to be a good investment which stood me in good stead. I received two job offers, including my first choice, a First Officer position with Stobart Air.

E.W, Modular Student searching for their first job

Thank you again for all your help in preparation for my British Airways Pilot interview. I received your report from Jamie the same day so I really appreciate you taking the time out your schedule to accommodate my tight time frame. The report, as well as the day's events, have been a huge help to me. The structured breakdown of each section in your advice makes it very easy to digest and put into effect.

S, RAF Pilot - Attended June 2016

I recently graduated from CTC and within a week was invited for the easyJet pilot interview. I had very little knowledge about what to expect and a friend recommended AirlinePrep. The service I received was fantastic and the team were very accommodating at short notice. My instructor equipped me with the skills to answer any competency interview question and showed me how to use my work experiences to emulate the skills expected of an airline First Officer. I am so pleased I attended the course with AirlinePrep since I have been selected to join easyJet and start my type rating in May.

C, CTC Graduate - attended April 2016

Your course prepared me so well for the flybe pilot interview with CTC and I have been offered a position starting in the Summer. Without your help, I'm not sure I would have conveyed my skills and experiences to the assessment team - the competency interview and group exercise skills you equipped me with were invaluable and the feedback you provided about what to expect at the assessment was spot on!

R, CTC Graduate - attended March 2016

Thanks for the brilliant course that you ran for me in preparation for my Ryanair Pilot interview. Everything you tested me on from the technical questions to the HR questions came up in my interview and I'm pleased to say I have been offered a First Officer position with Ryanair! Thanks for all you help and support.

M. W, Pilot - attended May 2016

I found the course really informative; its brilliant that the course is carried out by Pilots as it offers such a personal insight into the industry

N.H, Aspiring Pilot - attended April 2016

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Airline Prep in helping me prepare for my Virgin MPL interview! The courses offer fantastic preparation for full day assessments and interviews. The skills I heave learnt are invaluable and certainly helped me to be successful. Everyone at Airline Prep is a true professional leaving no stone unturned. In addition to providing clients with the skills and information needed to achieve success, Airline Prep build your confidence and offer such good advice that you continue to learn and improve after the course itself. I cannot recommend Airline Prep enough!

Anon, Successful Virgin MPL Cadet 2016

Afternoon guys,

I hope this email finds you all well. I just wanted to say a big thank you for the preparation you guys gave me prior to my assessment, I found out last week that I was successful in passing the easyJet Pilot interview. I still don’t think its sank in and I don’t know if it ever will but as you can imagine I'm delighted and you can’t wipe the smile off my face these days.

The assessment itself went well I thought, the skills I learn’t with you guys were very useful in both the group and one to one interview. Although it felt like I was in the interview for ten minutes but it was in fact 40 minutes. I must say none of the interview questions stumped me really and I think that was because I was pretty prepared from the preparation I did with Tom, especially being able to match questions to the skill set they were trying to obtain.

Once again, thanks for all your help and I’ll hopefully see some of you soon!

M, CTC Wings Graduate - attended Feb 16

I Just wanted to let you know that my son had great news yesterday - he passed selection for the CTC easyJet MPL scheme and is now waiting to hear if he has been shortlisted.

Naturally we are thrilled as even if he isn't successful in the last stage then he will still be able to start his flight training with CTC.

The day that he spent with Luke has been invaluable! It gave him so much more confidence & he learnt so much from that day that he was able to take forward to his assessment day.

I really don't think he would have got this far without you guys!

A.S, Cadet pilot aspiring to join an MPL cadet scheme

Hi AirlinePrep,

Just touching base with you as I thought I would give you some feed back about my time with Rob yesterday.
Can I start with that Capt Moody was an absolute gentlemen to me from the moment I walked in the door , I was greeted with a smile and we grabbed a coffee to get to know each other.

After this we headed to our meeting room where I was shown a schedule of events which went to plan perfectly as scheduled, I was very impressed with Robs professionalism but also being able to feel very relaxed around him like you were chatting with a mate.

We discovered where I was strong and where I needed more work quite quickly thus allocating more time to these issues for the day. I went into my day thinking if I could just learn the answers I would be okay on the interview day but what I received was much much more than that, I have now been armed with the skills and tools to deal with difficult questions , how to structure them, how to deliver them and tick the boxes on the day for the interviewers.

For me this was an invaluable experience and my confidence is at an all time high. Your app is also crucial in my view with its in depth feed back from past interviewees of airlines. I have purchased a few different Airline specific add ons from it and it is now my template from which to form my preparation days in my spare time.

M.O, Frozen ATPL looking for first flying job

My day with the team at AirlinePrep was invaluable in giving me a taste of the "selection day" experience, and I'm so grateful to all of you for helping me to get past the first major hurdle to achieving my dream! All of your advice and words of encouragement are so greatly appreciated!

The guidance definitely made me feel more confident on the day! I'd also just like to say thank you for making the effort to get my report back to me the same day, and for your speedy replies when I first made contact with you (even on the weekend!) - it was really impressive!

O. , Aspiring Pilot - selected for easyJet MPL - attended Oct 2015

I just wanted to write to you all and say thanks a million for today's session. It was money well spent!

Luke's input was just what I was looking for; thorough and most of all enjoyable. I have taken so many things from today and I'm sure all will assist me in my forthcoming assessment.

Many thanks again and I have no hesitation in recommending AirlinePrep.

A.T, UK First Officer

I have been a client of AirlinePrep since November 2013 when I was preparing for an assessment for Etihad's International Cadet Pilot Programme whilst midway through my ATPL exams. I attended the private preparation day in Gatwick delivered by Jamie and Ben.

This was an excellent preparation course covering interview skills, maths and physics tests, airline technical questions and group exercises. I found the team very professional and friendly with an abundance of experience to pass on. I was not successful at this stage but the course benefited myself hugely and prepared me for future job hunting post training.

I subsequently went on to purchase AirlinePrep The App which is excellent; covering revision of the above course, as well as an excellent feature of Individual Airline Assessment packages. This app has thought of every airline question out there and was excellent. I found it to be a massive tool when applying to airlines and attempting aptitude tests or writing applications. Well worth the investment as it was updated regularly.

In November 2014, as former BGS student I took the opportunity to attend a group preparation day covering further interview skills, maths and physics prep, group exercises, ATPL tech exams and much more. At the time of booking I didn't have an interview coming but then I got an opportunity to attend an interview with Flybe a week after the AirlinePrep course. How lucky I booked this!!

This preparation was key and I credit my successful pass at the interview stage to this. I have subsequently gone on to pass the sim assessment with Flybe and I am looking forward to joining Flybe as a First Officer in July, 2015!

While I attended AirlinePrep courses on 2 occasions and made use of my subscription to the app, which were both fantastic, the support provided by email or a call in between was invaluable. This sets AirlinePrep apart from everyone else. Post training and job hunting can be tough and uncertain but the team was always on hand to offer support and advice.

I am delighted to have made the decision to be a client of AirlinePrep, it has proved a worthy investment and I strongly recommend anyone whether job hunting, training currently or about to begin training to contact AirlinePrep and have your career heading in the right direction.

Truly grateful.

J.D, Modular Student

Got a call from the airline recruitment manager today to say I had been successful with my British Airways pilot interview. He also added that I had achieved a perfect score during the interview and group exercise element. An achievement in no small part due to Airline Prep!

L, RAF Pilot Instructor - attended November 2014

Dear Rob,

Thank you very much for the report. It is fantastic feedback and has surpassed my expectations. I will get to work on revising my answers and look forward to receiving your thoughts regarding the revised answers that I sent to you.

It has been a pleasure dealing with you and the Airline Prep team in preparation for my flybe pilot interview.

D.H, Parachute drop pilot - attended March 2015

Luke was a fantastic tutor and gave a real insight into the motives behind each task and question posed to me. He provided excellent advice on how to make improvements going forward and I would like to thank him for the extra time he spent with me dissecting my recent Ryanair Pilot assessment.

I’d be happy to recommend your services and will complete the feedback survey accordingly.

V.O, Pilot with frozen ATPL - attended March 2015

I would especially like to say thank you for the interview preparation, as i'm sure Rob would tell you that my technique and general interview skills were not very good at all! Even at CTC I interviewed very well, however at CAE I scored 5/5 on all of the questions they asked me! They pointed out how passionate I was and how much it meant to me.

I will definitely be sharing your company with everyone I can, as I would not be where I am today without your help! Airline prep has not only given me the highest quality preparation, it has changed the way I work, speak and act! I thought I would just be gaining aviation and interview preparation/skills but it has given me so much more, I will definitely be booking up again for when I am in the position of getting my first airline job!

E.W, Cadet Pilot - attended February 2015

It's fair to say I wouldn't have this job without the guidance you offered on all aspects of airline assessments. I meticulously went through the information pack provided and the notes I made during my course at BALPA. Needless to say, I was as prepared as I could be for every question they asked (given two days warning of the interview that is). It was almost as if you'd travelled in time to tell me what questions I would be asked!

It was the first interview I've had since the AirlinePrep day and can 100% guarantee your advice and expertise.

M.M, Cadet Pilot

I’m really pleased with the service AirlinePrep provided. An informed, prompt and easy booking process, followed by a professional, well planned morning which was allowed to continue to run until everything we needed had been covered, despite continuing well beyond our allotted finish time. Finally the extensive and thorough feedback was delivered in a very short time scale.

I’ll be recommending AirlinePrep to friends in a similar situation and once again, thanks for your help, it certainly allowed me to deliver a more confident and targeted interview performance.

J.H, UK First Officer - attended January 2015

I attended your course at BALPA in October and wanted to tell you that it turned out to be a huge help. A few weeks ago, I was invited to easyJet DEC selection, and found myself very well prepared for the group exercises and particularly the Competency Based Interview. Just as you suggested, I had five or six situations in my head and tailored them to each question using the STAR method. Whatever the question, I just kept batting them back.

N.C, Monarch Captain - attended Oct 2014

A very good service from day one with good support and communication from Jamie helping me through the booking and tailoring my needs for the upcoming meeting .Then I was very pleased with the instructors , they were truly very good instructors where I could benefit from their knowledge and their experience on the recruitment. AirlinePrep provide a unique service: iOS app, interview and sim assessment which was the complete preparation for my Wizz Air Pilot interview and assessment.

C.G, European First Officer - attended Nov 2014

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Adrian and the rest of AirlinePrep team again for the professional standard of interview training and quality advice that helped me successfully gain a place on the CTC Wings ATPL course. I gained a lot more from the day than simply improving my interview technique, I have a much more vast understanding of the day to day role of a pilot, both the positive and negative perks of the job, and how the industry operates as a whole. I firmly believe that displaying my knowledge of the industry when given the opportunity (right at the end of the interview) may have helped in my application.

S, Aspiring Pilot - attended Oct 2014

AirlinePrep provides a professional and thorough training package for any aspiring/current pilots. Having recently attended one of the preparation days I found the whole day to be very well structured and informative. The instructors were very friendly, professional and highly knowledgeable having a wealth experience between them within the aviation industry. AirlinePrep gave me the confidence I needed to answer any question I faced during my interview to the best of my ability and I would recommend the course to anybody with an upcoming airline assessment. I am confident that AirlinePrep helped me secure employment with my first airline.

T.S, Cadet Pilot - attended Oct 2014

I attended a 1 to 1 session organised at very short notice. My instructor was very well prepared and really put me through my paces during the day. He gave me a realistic interview scenario, yet without the pressure of an actual interview we were able to stop and analyse questions as and when required. It really helped me to focus and get in to the right frame of mind for my actual job interviews. The excellent feedback also proved to be a good revision tool before each interview. The end result? I was offered 3 jobs in 12 days, including my dream job which naturally I took.

A.K, UK Leisure Airline FO - attended Oct 2014

AirlinePrep provides a professional and thorough training package for any aspiring/current pilots. Having recently attended one of the preparation days I found the whole day to be very well structured and informative. The instructors were very friendly, professional and highly knowledgeable having a wealth of experience between them within the aviation industry.

AirlinePrep gave me the confidence I needed to answer any question I faced during my interview to the best of my ability and I would recommend the course to anybody with an upcoming airline assessment.

I am confident that AirlinePrep helped me secure employment with my first airline.

T.S, Aspiring Pilot - attended Oct 2014

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you both very much for such an interesting day on Oct 24th with my Monarch colleagues, some of which were facing redundancy/demotion. I'm sure I speak for everyone in saying that the information was invaluable and the day well structured and beneficial. Many thanks.

A.R, Monarch Captain - attended Oct 2014

I would fully recommend AirlinePrep to anyone who is preparing for airline selection. The instructors were highly professional and really made sure that you got the best out of your day. The whole day was very insightful with lots of information about how to properly conduct yourself during selection and how to give structured and informative answers during interviews - This will be invaluable for my CTC Wings interview. They also gave a great insight into what the role of an airline pilot entails, the skills needed and the challenges that are faced on a day to day basis.
Overall I had a great and informative day and I now feel more confident with the airline selection process.

A.B, Aspiring Pilot - attended Oct 2014

I just wanted to take this time to thank you very much for today.

I have learnt so much and I am sure I will learn even more, once I sit down and chew over all my notes as well as your feedback.

It truly was a great day in every aspect, and I am sure your tips and advice will prove invaluable. Now familiarised with what to expect at the BA FPP assessments, the course has given me piece of mind and confidence that I can be fully prepared. Further, I will be able to identify areas that require more focused attention.

S.K, Aspiring Pilot - attended Nov 2014

Thank you for organising my one to one session today.

I enjoyed the morning and have learned a lot. In fact, it felt like a bit of a mental workout which I think is/was intentional.

The instructor was excellent and although I don't have my final report, I have learned a lot already, and I understand the key areas where I would need to improve.

I found the venue to be perfectly suitable given the nature of the job, and the room was also perfect in location, size, and comfort. We were not disturbed and it added to what is a professional and well judged product from Airline prep.

I am very pleased at the way it has all been conducted and organised and am grateful to the instructor and AirlinePrep with all the training and advice so far.

S, Monarch Captain - attended Oct 2014

AirlinePrep is a fantastic resource to help prepare for pilot assessment. I was nervous about the day but they very quickly set me at ease, introducing themselves and allowing the group to get to know each other. The exercises and interviews were conducted very thoroughly with excellent on the spot feedback.

After completing the day I received a very detailed report that allows me to focus on the key areas I need to improve upon going into the real thing. I feel more confident approaching group exercises than I did before and the interview practice allowed me to brush up on interview skills that I haven't used for a couple of years.

Overall the atmosphere was friendly and professional. The instructors were always observing and giving advice and tips on every aspect of the future assessment. Thanks to all the feedback I have received from AirlinePrep I now feel ready to tackle the selection centre for real.

C.P, Aspiring Pilot - attended Oct 2014

I'm very happy to recommend AirlinePrep, and have done so to a number of colleagues who have all come out saying the same things, namely that it gives a great insight to an airline's selection process.

Whilst it is possible to a certain extent to practise these things on ones own, this is no substitute for the real thing and that is what is provided by the extremely professional, well run and enjoyable course I attended. Having a good idea of what is to be expected certainly gives that all important confidence boost prior to the dreaded interview! The experience AirlinePrep have is certainly relevant and very up to date when it comes to the current state of the airline industry.

T.H, C17 Captain, RAF - attended Sep 2014

Over the last 18 months, BALPA have formed a close working relationship with AirlinePrep, a training consultancy who provide bespoke skills development for current and new pilots, looking to give themselves the best possible chances of success at Airline interviews and assessments.

AirlinePrep is run by a team of highly motivated, experienced pilots who are passionate about delivering the best possible service to their clients. They run an ethical, skills development business that doesn’t simply give away the answers to questions, but leaves their clients feeling more confident and well prepared, with skills and knowledge that can be used time and time again. Their courses receive excellent feedback from our members.

BALPA have used AirlinePrep many times to support pilots who are at risk of redundancy and those searching for their first job. We look forward to working with AirlinePrep in the future to support BALPA members.

Wendy Pursey, Head of Membership Services, BALPA

The AirlinePrep team provided an invaluable insight into the daunting prospect of the airline interview process. The whole day was extremely useful providing information on structure and content of the interview and possible scenarios. Picking up skills on how to give a well structured, informative answer and how to prepare yourself. Skills that can be transferred into any interview and ones which I will definitely use.

T.W, Cadet Pilot - attended Oct 2014

I was very pleased with the level of service provided in the AirlinePrep course I attended hosted by Bristol Groundschool. The instructor was credible and extremely helpful and his detailed understanding of the Airline interview process was obvious. I would particularly recommend this course to Military pilots leaving the service as I (being RAF) found this course packed with skills and tips that military life doesn't exactly provide. Ben was excellent and the content extremely relevant for anyone coming up to interview in the next 6 months.

Both of us thought the course was fantastic - Thank you to Airline Prep for all the help and guidance.

A.S, Flight Lieutenant, RAF - attended Sep 2014

When I complete training and sit in the right hand seat of the cockpit as a first officer, I will look back and be thankful that I attended an Airline Prep assessment day in preparation for my CTC Wings pilot interview.

There's nothing better than being able to speak to a qualified airline pilot, Jamie was great, we covered everything that was going to appear on the actual selection day. I found that taking part in the group exercise gave me the confidence that I was going to get a place on the course, I was shown the processes and ways to approach the group exercise which I used on the actual selection day. The mock maths tests again helped me to concentrate on the questions I struggled on to get right and again Jamie was so helpful in this.

Obviously any part of any selection requires a 1 to 1 interview, Jamie interviewed me as if it was the real thing and this assured me as Jamie told me I was answering the questions correctly and gave me some pointers to making the answers even better.

The great thing about the airline prep day is the feedback report that is given to you about your performance which highlights areas you need to work on before selection day this was invaluable to me.

If you're going to a selection day make sure you prepare yourself as much as possible and I highly recommend that you get down to Airline Prep.

S.A, Radio DJ - attended April 2014

I am extremely happy to inform you that I passed the whole Emirates Pilot interview process, it was probably the hardest as well as the happiest experience in my life.

I have to admit that the training I received from AirlinePrep for my Emirates pilot interview has been very useful, I am really happy I had the chance to know all of you, and I will never stop to thank you for all your efforts and professionalism.

A.L, First Officer from Europe

Thank you very much to AirlinePrep, excellent guidance and insight from those who have been there and done it. Superb resources and advice, listen to what they say, you won't regret it.

T.P, Business Director

I thought the course yesterday was extremely resourceful and hope you continue to work with BALPA and it's members in the future.

Thank you on behalf of all GSS BALPA members.

M.S, GSS First Officer

I was extremely impressed with the AirlinePrep course and feel it was fantastic preparation for my airline assessment. The course facilitators were friendly and relaxed, but extremely knowledgeable and had lots of first-hand experience of the application process. Even after many years of competency based interviews, AirlinePrep taught me a new technique to structure my answers which was incredibly useful. In fact, it was so good that the interviewers specifically commented that they were impressed with the structure of my answers during my airline assessment! The numerical and verbal reasoning, group exercise and feedback were accurate and invaluable, and the written report allowed me to later reflect on and practice what I had learned. Overall, I was extremely impressed and feel that it hugely improved my chances of success at my airline assessment. I would highly recommend it to anyone applying for cadetships, as well as direct entry pilots.

M.S, Medical Practitioner and Aspiring Pilot

With 2 airline interviews in the space of 1 week, I knew that I had to do as much preparation as I could to prepare myself for this unique opportunity.

After reading about the many positive testimonials by previous clients of Airline Prep, I decided to book myself on to an Airline Assessment day and Simulator preparation course. Upon arriving in LGW, the team from Airline Prep had prepared unique questions for both styles of airline interviews. This included a wide range of competency-based questions as well as technical specific questions. I can say with full confidence that their services were extremely helpful and beneficial in getting me to the standard that airlines are currently looking for. As a result I am now fortunate enough to be in the position of having 2 offers of employment, none of that would have been possible if it were not for the expert advise and coaching given by the guys at Airline Prep.

I cannot emphasise strongly enough, how important it is to invest in preparing yourself for these airline interviews. You will have so much more confidence and it will show to your prospective airlines.

With respect to the simulator preparation, I was aware of the significantly steep learning curve that candidates must rise to during their simulator assessment. Though with respect to both sessions (One on Airbus 320 and one on the Boeing 737-800) I approached each one with confidence and understanding that I would certainly not have had if it were not for the experienced sim instructors from Airline Prep.

If you are serious about achieving your goal of becoming a commercial airline pilot, then I strongly suggest that you book yourself with Airline Prep…It will be the best investment you have made since you completed your pilot training.

C.A, Cadet Pilot

The Wizz Air Pilot interview preparation course was exceptional. The instructor was absolutely brilliant. He is certainly a specialist! I am very happy indeed with how it went.

The instructor covered everything and untangled certain sticking points so well. I feel very confident now.

N.R, UK Manager

I would like to thank the three of you for the great training I received at Airlineprep.

I have just reviewed the notes I took, read the documentation you gave me and thought through what you said to me…and I realised the huge amount of information you gave me !

I would like to tell you how much I appreciate :

- The warm welcome I had, and your friendliness during the day
- Your professionalism, and your enthusiasm
- The impressive amount of experience, and knowledge you display
- The impressive amount of “real life” interview feed back you deliver
- The efficient approach to the Interview you give
- The great tools you give to handle interviews and group exercises and the demonstration of how to use it
- The way the day is organised as well

I will recommend this course to French Air Force colleagues who are, or will be in the same situation than me without any doubt.

Thank you one more time for your help.

F.A, French Airforce Flight Commander

I would to express my thanks for the effort you put into my course this week. Also my thanks to RM, whose input I found most helpful. I found it a very worthwhile experience which has given me much food for thought!

S.B, UK Regional Captain

I used AirlinePrep to prepare for my Aer Lingus Cadet Pilot Assessment. They armed me with the skills and knowledge to perform well in the Interview and Group Exercise. Their courses are not about giving away the answers, but equipping you with the framework to succeed at any Airline Interview. Everything they taught me was relevant to the Aer Lingus assessments and their instructors are the utmost professionals, friendly and always on hand to help after the course.

F.D, Cadet Pilot

Thank you very much indeed for your email and the attached assessment for my son's course with you. I’m delighted with the detailed assessment of his course, which will be extremely helpful for his future applications.

How fortunate it was that by chance I came across your company because the day course you gave him was much more than I anticipated. He now has the knowledge to go forward with confidence with his applications, assessments and interviews.

R.C, Father of prospective cadet pilot

AirlinePrep were extremely helpful to me in my preparation for the West Atlantic Cadet Pilot application and assessment. They are very professional and thorough when it comes to preparing you for all types of current airline related questions and possible scenarios that you may be faced with on the day of the assessment. All the members of the team have a wide and extensive background which certainly helps build your confidence and skills up to the standard that airline's nowadays are looking for. The experience you will gain as a result, is invaluable.

A.C, Trainee Pilot

AirlinePrep helped me prepare for my Wizz Air Pilot Interview and Assessment and gave me the confidence that I needed to answer the competency based questions and perform to my highest ability throughout the assessment. They have a very good team of current and friendly airline professionals working with major airlines so the info they will give you is current and up to date, I would recommend them 100%

N.S, Cadet Pilot

AirlinePrep provides an exceptional insight in airline assessment techniques, the atmosphere is relaxed, the facilities first class, and the instructors are real pilots who want to help you succeed in your career. Overall a 10/10 experience, and value for money.

E.B, Cadet Pilot

Thanks in no small part to the Team at AirlinePrep I felt very well prepared for the Emirates Pilot selection in Dubai. Their insight and personal tuition was second to none and I am now looking forward to starting a new career in Dubai.

B.F, UK Charter Airline Captain

I recently passed the Emirates Pilot interview and shall soon be joining as a Direct Entry Captain. I had not been for an Airline Interview for 20 years and felt a little daunted by the whole process, but thanks to the Team at AirlinePrep I was quickly brought up to speed on Numerical Reasoning and ATPL Theory testing and most importantly how to prepare for a competency based interview.

S.P, UK Charter Airline Captain

Thank you very much for the CV and Covering letter.  I would also like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks for Janine’s efforts with both of the aforementioned documents.  As I have said to Janine, I am delighted and overwhelmed by the professional approach and personal attention I have been afforded during this process.  Janine’s communication and attention to detail has been exceptional and I will certainly recommend your company to my friends and colleagues.

Once again, thank you very much.

J.C, Military Pilot, preparing for civilian life with our CV services