Military to Commercial Pilot Licence Conversion


AirlinePrep are pleased to be working with UKFlying, the UK’s specialist provider of military to commercial licence training.

Offering free and impartial advice for all service personnel on gaining licences from PPL to ATPL, UKFlying explain the process from theory exams to licence issue and list the best companies for each stage based on military student feedback. 

UKFlying have formed relationships with flight schools including Bristol Groundschool, Aeros, Airways Aviation Academy, Booker Aviation and Skyborne to offer CPL/IR licence conversion for military Pilots at the very best prices including using ELCAS accreditation.

UKFlying understand that each military Pilot requires a different route to obtaining their commercial licences based on their service history.

Fast Jet pilots should follow this process to the commercial flight deck:

Multi-Engine pilots are MCC and MEP exempt and should:

Rotary Pilots have a slightly more complex route to follow, very much dependent on whether BFJT was completed as part of military training. Contact UKFlying to discuss the most appropriate route. 

For further information about your training options, contact UKFlying and mention AirlinePrep in your referral.

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