Flight Deck Management Skills Course

At AirlinePrep we have developed an industry leading Flight Deck Management Skills training course which is used by the Wings Alliance and IAGO Flight Training.

Our most advanced course yet - acquire the skills required to manage the challenges that present themselves on the line and in the simulator on a two day development course.

Suitable for Pilots who are are starting their first jobs as First Officers, experienced Pilots approaching Command upgrade and those Pilots exiting the military, the course will advance the skills you already possess, in a structured way, to give you the confidence and knowledge to:

  • be a higher performing Pilot
  • perform more effectively during normal operations
  • manage complex non normal scenarios with structure and desired outcome
  • help you understand your legal position
  • give you the confidence to manage the ‘grey areas’ of the operation where situations do not present a simple ‘black or white’ solution.

In Good Company - as used by our partners:


Wings Alliance

This skills based course, delivered by our highly experienced instructors who are all current Airline Pilots, provides confidence that what we are teaching is relevant and current in today’s modern flight deck environment.

We will expand and advance the theory and basics delivered on an MCC/JOC to equip you with practical skills to operate effectively in an advanced and mature airline environment. The course focusses on practical skills rather than theory by exposing you to a range of situations where you will have to utilise process and thought in order to resolve them with a successful and safe outcome.

If you are an experienced Pilot approaching your Command upgrade we very much recommend this course to you! You will have much experience as a First Officer, but perhaps you are wondering how to bring all of that experience together in order to become a Captain? Perhaps you are worried about your Command upgrade? Our course will give you more confidence and arm you with more structure in order to make effective, safe and pragmatic decisions in the Flight Deck.

For airline customers, our Flight Deck Management Skills course can be delivered to your new recruits and/or current Pilots, so as to engender the highest professional standards, increase the performance scores of your data capture and reduce the costs incurred by remedial simulator or line training.

Our course delivers relevant practical skills in the following core competencies and topics:

  • An Introduction to Commercial Aviation
  • Professionalism
  • Your role
  • Team Building
  • Leadership, Management and Communication
  • Knowledge and Standards
  • Situational Awareness
  • Diagnosis & Decision Making
  • Workload Management
  • Customer Service
  • Non Normal Event Handling
We believe our Flight Deck Management Skills Course is the most advanced Pilot specific skills based course available on the market today. You will become a more confident and capable Airline Pilot, able to deal safely and pragmatically with the many challenges of the modern flight deck environment.

Satisfied Clients. Successful Pilots.