Why AirlinePrep?

  • Our courses are used by the British Airline Pilots Association

    We’re proud to be the only Airline Interview and Assessment training provider to be associated with BALPA. We run courses regularly for the association at BALPA HQ, near Heathrow Airport. BALPA works hard for UK based pilots, representing pilot interests within the industry. Given that BALPA would only be associated with organisations that deliver quality, dependable and ethical training we are grateful to be used by them. If you’re a BALPA member, you automatically qualify for a discount on AirlinePrep “The App”. Just input your membership number into the relevant box in the check out process.

  • We are an approved Career Transition Partnership Provider

    We’re proud to be the only Airline Pilot Interview and Assessment training provider to be an approved provider to the Career Transition Partnership. Pilots leaving the military can access our courses and receive funding as part of their resettlement packages to pay for our unique services, helping them transition to the role of a Commercial Airline Pilot. 

  • Our courses are used by Bristol Groundschool

    We’re also proud to be associated with Europe’s leading specialist in the provision of ATPL distance learning, Bristol Ground School. We run courses for their students at their training centre in Clevedon, near Bristol. We choose our partners carefully and of course we only want to be associated with the very best training providers in the industry.

  • We are part of the Wings Alliance

    We’re proud to be part of the Wings Alliance, a trade association of leading commercial aviation training schools in the UK and Europe, offering a connected route to Airline Employment for Modular students.

    We've been selected to provide our Flight Deck Management Skills training to all Wings Alliance students. We also work closely with the Wings Alliance to ensure their recruitment methods are innovative, modern and relevant, helping to ensure the best Modular Pilots are discovered and placed into the Wings Alliance Airline Placement Programme.

  • Our courses are used by FTA Global

    We’re proud to be the only Airline Interview and Assessment training provider to deliver airline pilot interview and assessment preparation training for students at the UK's 3rd largest integrated flight school, FTA Global. FTA recognise that Pilot training should be affordable and that a student's employability is key to gaining a job which is why they mandate interview and assessment preparation for all their students.

  • We offer fixed based simulator assessment training

    We understand that not all clients have the budget for a full motion simulator. In many cases, a fixed base simulator is more than adequate and this is why we have teamed up with pmFlight, located near LGW airport, to provide high quality, great value training for your forthcoming simulator assessment.

  • We offer full flight simulator simulator assessment training      

    We understand that clients also want the benefits of a full flight simulator and we've teamed up with Aviation Insider to meet your simulator assessment preparation needs.

  • Our courses are used by the Wings 4 Warriors Charity 

    We’re proud to be the only Airline Interview and Assessment training provider to deliver free airline pilot interview and assessment preparation training for the Wings 4 Warriors. Wings 4 Warriors is a charitable organisation helping wounded and sick service men and woman, rehabiliate after the conflict of war and re-trains them to become Commercial Airline Pilots. 

  • Supporting military Pilots with the transition with UK Flying

    We’re proud to work with UK Flying who are the go to flight training organisation helping military Pilots transition to commercial pilot licences.

  • We work with Pinstripe Solutions in Australia

    AirlinePrep have teamed up with Pinstripe Solutions to offer career support to Pilots in Australia and New Zealand. If you are based in this part of the world we recommend Pinstripe for your Pilot interview and assessment preparation needs.

  • We work with Yufeng Consulting offering jobs in China

    AirlinePrep have teamed up with Yufeng consulting to help you gain work with a range of Chinese Airlines including Juneyoa and 9-Air. If you would like to apply for a Direct Entry Command in China then please visit our current vacancies page.

  • We offer Upset Recovery Training

    Under EASA, Upset recovery training will become a manadated requirement of commercial airline pilot training. We've teamed up with Flight Performance Training to meet your UPRT needs.                                                                                         

  • We work with the Aviation Skills Partnership

    The Aviation Skills Partnership (ASP) was established in 2013 to create, develop and implement the skills solutions that the industry needs in partnership with training organisations, employers, educators, experiences and potential, new or existing employees. ASP was created by Aviation industry and educational experts and the team are dedicated to improving the opportunities for people in the aviation industry.

    They operate over the six areas of Aviation: Pilot, Air Traffic Control, Airport Operations, Operations & Crewing, Cabin Crew, and Engineering & Maintenance. ASP - Connecting experience, education, training, careers and you.

  • We have a proven track record! Our customers have succussfully passed the:

    Virgin Atlantic Pilot Interview, easyJet Pilot Interview, Ryanair Pilot Interview,  flybe Pilot Interview, BA Cityflyer Pilot Interview, Thomson Pilot Interview, Thomas Cook Pilot Interview, Jet 2 Pilot Interview, Wizz Air Pilot Interview, Aer Lingus Pilot Interview, British Airways Pilot Interview, Emirates Pilot Interview, Etihad Pilot Interview, Qatar Airways Pilot Interview, Virgin MPL Pilot Interview and Assessment, easyJet MPL Pilot Interview and Assessment, British Airways FPP Pilot Interview and Assessment, CTC Wings Pilot Interview and Assessment, FTE Jerez Pilot Interview and Assessment, CAE Oxford Pilot Interview and Assessment and more!

    We continue to help our clients achieve their ambitions by helping them pass their airline pilot interviews and assessments. We help current airline pilots further their careers should they want to move on and cadet pilots achieve their dreams by assisting them with their cadet pilot interviews and assessments. As you can see from the list above, our clients have been successful all across the world. Take a look at some of our testimonials.

  • Our simulator preparation courses only use Airline Training Captains guaranteeing the highest quality training

    We believe that when you enter a simulator to prepare for your airline simulator assessment, you won’t want to waste a minute! This is why we only use airline training pilots so that we can offer you the very best training within the simulator. Our instructors have been training airline pilots for over 20 years! Rest assured, they know how to arm you with the skills and knowledge to be successful during your simulator assessment!

  • We are passionate about delivering airline interview training with enthusiasm and professionalism

    We believe in running our business properly, delivering the best service and training to you that we can. We’re passionate and motivated to help you succeed - after all we’re pilots ourselves, so we know how much effort and determination it takes to pass airline interviews and assessments. Don’t just take our word for it though, take a look at our client testimonials, and see what some of our previous clients have had to say about our training.

  • Our professional team have over 60000 hours of variable worldwide airline flying and recruitment experience with British Airways, Thomson Airways, Qatar Airways & Virgin Atlantic.

    This means we know the skills and attributes that airlines look for in their pilots. We can draw upon our experience of not just working for these airlines, but also passing their recruitment processes ourselves! How many of our competitors can claim to have actually sat the recruitment process, and been interviewed by these airlines - and passed!

    After all, we’ve been where you are - we’re pilots ourselves so we set up AirlinePrep with the full knowledge of knowing how much work it takes to prepare for airline interviews and assessments. With that knowledge we’ve been able to set up courses that are specific, relevant and targeted to give you the very best chance of success. AirlinePrep - created by Pilots, for Pilots.

  • We recruit pilots. Our team have recruited pilots themselves for a variety of Airlines and here at AirlinePrep we even offer a recruitment solutions service to the industry.

    This means we not only train to pass airline interviews and selection processes, we run them as well - so we know how to conduct the most realistic competency based interview, group exercises and assessments. Because of this, we know the common mistakes candidates make, but most importantly we know how to rectify them!

Satisfied Clients. Successful Pilots.